How to easily Download videos from PureToons 2021 New!

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Mobile users use Google Chrome. Don’t use UC Browser or Opera. First, Disable your Ad Blocker. For Google Chrome, just disable Ad Blocker Extension. For UC Browser, go to Options>Settings>Add-ons>Ad Block> now disable “Ad Blocker”.

After disabled Ad Blocker, go to the series download page and refresh the page and then select your favourite format and server you want. I like to download 480p Format from Direct server thats why I am going to click on “Direct” link beside 480p text. You can download from AnonFiles, PureFiles & other servers.But I suggest you to
download from “Direct” server because this server is always valid.

Now follow below steps

1. Click on that server beside format that you want. (Suggested “Direct” Server)
2. Now wait for 8 seconds and then Click on “Click here to Continue” button.
3. Then wait here almost 6 seconds again, then go down and click on “Continue” button.
4. Now wait here for 3 seconds. Then click on “Get Link” button.

Congratulations! The video download server has now came.

You have successfully crossed the Advertising website. Now just click on Download button.


Or see below screenshots

Ads can be pain, but they are the only way to earn money and maintain this website. May you know that we give you all videos for free by hard working. We do not charge for any Subscription or money. There is a lot of money we need for maintain this website. So please keep patience and supporting us. We will always try from our best. So please consider this.

Hope you have understand everything as now. If still any problem or question then please comment below. Admin will reply you.

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